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Flag of Finland


Official name Republic of Finland
(Suomen Tasavalta)
Finland in Finnish language is called Suomi

Capital - Helsinki

Territory - 338,424 km2 (64th in world)

Population - 5,506,312

Biggest Cities are: Helsinki (Vantaa, Espoo), Tampere, Oulu, Turku

State languages: Finnish, Swedish (5.29%)

Currency - Euro €

In top - 20 (14) economics of the World

gross domestic product per capita - 43,090$

Independent since - 1917 (was part of Sweden and Russia)

Known as country of thousands lakes (168,000)

Dominating religion - Evangelical Lutheran Church

Jean Sibelius
Sign of Finland

Famous  Finns and  Companies from Finland

Nokia (mobile phones)

Rovio (Angry birds franchise)

Linux (operating  system)

Kone (elevators)

Tove Jansson (creator of Moomins characters)

Touko Laaksonen (Tom of Finland)

Aki Kaurismäki (film director)

Kimi Räikkönen (Formula 1 driver)

Jean Sibelius (composer)


Finns as nation, very calm with big respect of personal freedom and space, Finns are gender equal and respectful. Finns are individualists and it is not awkward to keep pause in converstaion and keep silence in companies. Tips are not customed in Finland as Finns prefer self-service rather being served. Also Finns are very considered, as they trust in words they say, if Finn has said, he meen it. Finns are friendly and helpful, do not hasitate to ask for help


General Info about Helsinki

R Kioski

Emergency - 112
in case of fire, health issues and criminal problems call 112

Public transport in Helsinki consists of:

buses, trams, metro, comute trains, taxis and bikes

You can buy tickets from - Ticket automats, but the aren't widely spread in city, mostly the are at very busy stops like Railway station, airport, ferry terminals metro stations and so on. Other option would be to buy tickets from chain of shops called R-kioski. Also you can download Helsinki Area transport system app from app store by the name HSL mobiililippu, and pay ticket on your phone with credit card.

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